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Code Name Price Availability    
BK-2 "Shlomo the Beggar" $26.00  
BK-1 "Epic Paintings" $26.00  
GC-1 "Dona Gracia Mendes" (8 greeting cards) $14.50  
GC-10 "Autobiography" (8 greeting cards) $14.50  
GC-2 "Olam Ha Zeh" This World - (8 greeting cards) $14.50  
GC-3 "Utopia" - (8 greeting cards) $14.50  
GC-4 "Simcha" - (8 greeting cards) $14.50  
GC-5 "Shekhina Comes" Triptych - (8 greeting cards) $14.50  
GC-6 "Mothers of the Twelve Tribes" - (8 greeting cards) $14.50  
GC-7 "Beresheit" - (6 triple fold out greeting cards) $14.50  
GC-8 "Geulah" (8 greeting cards) $14.50  
GC-9 "Entering the Land" (8 greeting cards) $14.50  
GC-V Variety Pack - (10 greeting cards) $24.50  
L-1F "Dona Gracia Mendes" - Gold-leaf framed lithograph $220.00  
L-1U "Dona Gracia Mendes" lithograph (unframed) $80.00  
L-2F "Geulah" - Gold-leaf framed lithograph $280.00  
L-2U "Geulah" - lithograph (unframed) $120.00  
L-3F "Beresheit" (In the Beginning) - Gold-leaf framed lithograph $265.00  
L-3U "Beresheit" (In the Beginning) lithograph (unframed) $120.00  
L-4F "Autobiography" - Gold-leaf framed lithograph $165.00  
L-4U "Autobiography" lithograph (unframed) $65.00  
L-5F "Utopia" - Gold-leaf framed lithograph $165.00  
L-5U "Utopia" - lithograph (unframed) $65.00  
L-6F "Entering the Land" - Gold leaf framed lithograph $165.00  
L-6U "Entering the Land" - lithograph (unframed) $65.00  
P-10F "Sanctification of the Moon" - framed poster $48.00  
P-10U "Sanctification of the Moon" poster (unframed) $19.00  
P-1F "I Love Shabbat"- framed poster $48.00  
P-1U "I Love Shabbat" poster (unframed) $19.00  
P-21F "Mothers of the Twelve Tribes" - framed poster $59.00  
P-21U "Mothers of the Twelve Tribes" poster (unframed) $24.00  
P-22F "Devorah on Pico Boulevard" - framed poster $59.00  
P-22U "Devorah on Pico Boulevard" poster (unframed) $24.00  
P-23F "Chava: Mother of All Life" - framed poster $59.00  
P-23U "Chava: Mother of All Life" poster (unframed) $24.00  
P-2F "Erev Shabbat" - framed poster $48.00  
P-2U "Erev Shabbat" poster (unframed) $19.00  
P-3F "Ima & Child" - framed poster $48.00  
P-3U "Ima & Child" poster (unframed) $19.00  
P-40F "Sarah" - Two Matriarch's Series- framed poster $64.00  
P-40U "Sarah" poster - Two Matriarch's Series (unframed) $34.00  
P-41F "Rifka" framed poster -Two Matriarch's Series $64.00  
P-41U "Rifka" poster -Two Matriarch's Series (unframed) $34.00  
P-42F "Change Gonna Come I & II" - framed poster $64.00  
P-42U "Change Gonna Come I & II" poster (unframed) $34.00  
P-43F "Beresheit" (In the Beginning) - framed poster $64.00  
P-43U "Beresheit" (In the Beginning) poster (unframed) $34.00  
P-4F "Simcha" - framed poster $48.00  
P-4U "Simcha" poster (unframed) $19.00  
P-5F "First Fruits" - framed poster $48.00  
P-5U "First Fruits" poster (unframed) $19.00  
P-6F "Hamsa" - framed poster (from the Zion Series) $48.00  
P-6U "Hamsa" poster (from the Zion Series) (unframed) $19.00  
P-7F "Menorah" - framed poster (from the Zion Series) $48.00  
P-7U "Menorah" poster (from the Zion Series) (unframed) $19.00  
P-8F "Jewish Star"- framed poster (from the Zion Series) $48.00  
P-8U "Jewish Star" poster (from the Zion Series) (unframed) $19.00  
P-9F "Moray Sheli" (My Teacher) - framed poster $48.00  
P-9U "Moray Sheli" (My Teacher) poster (unframed) $19.00  
P-M2U Two Matriarch's Series - 2 posters (unframed) $68.00  
P-Z3U Zion Series 3- posters (unframed) $45.00  
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